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Lavender Lane: Character Designs - The Trio by TheAmazingMrSMY Lavender Lane: Character Designs - The Trio :icontheamazingmrsmy:TheAmazingMrSMY 1 0 A*P*E by TheAmazingMrSMY A*P*E :icontheamazingmrsmy:TheAmazingMrSMY 9 3 King Kong and Dwan by TheAmazingMrSMY King Kong and Dwan :icontheamazingmrsmy:TheAmazingMrSMY 14 2 Calvin Doodles by TheAmazingMrSMY Calvin Doodles :icontheamazingmrsmy:TheAmazingMrSMY 1 0 Batman: The Caped Crusader by TheAmazingMrSMY Batman: The Caped Crusader :icontheamazingmrsmy:TheAmazingMrSMY 4 0


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Lavender Lane: Character Designs - The Trio

From left to right, Calvin, Devin, Joey.
The three are young stoners from a big city in Florida where they try to live normal lives despite their limited sanity and education.
Previously featured in a short-lived comic strip of mine from a year ago, Lavender Lane was a pet project for a long time but due
to rushed schedules and a lack of free time, I ended up putting things on hiatus and decided to take some time to rethink this project.
Rather than drawing single page strips, I'm trying to create full stories about these characters and I'm attempting to expand this
fictional world with more characters than just the trio. It just feels less rushed and more practical.
Whether it'll be online or published somewhere is currently unknown but I'm just going to be uploading designs and illustrations for now.
I also won't be doing my usual multi-outline style for the final print. These are more like conceptual designs.

Calvin is a short tempered kid who's been selling weed since the young age of six. He makes up for his short stature by behaving as
an aggressive bully and loves to scare his clients with violence. He has a huge ego and his favorite thing to do is compete at pretty much
anything just to prove his superiority but a lot of the humor comes from how angry he gets whenever he doesn't get his way.
He was adopted at age twelve and frequently makes up stories about his youth to either seem cooler or more sympathetic

Devin is a shy and geeky boy who didn't really have any friends until meeting the other two. He's a big fan of retro games and giant
monster movies but is frequently ridiculed for his childish interests. Calvin tries to intimidate him but Devin is usually unphased and
tends to become a smartass by usually teasing Calvin and beating him at video games just to get a rise out of him.
His parents are very overprotective but are unaware of the rebellious antics of him and his friends. Ironically they were the ones who
encouraged him to make friends.

Joey is adoptive brothers with Calvin and they grew up together like family despite their opposite personalities. He is a modern
flowerchild who writes his own poetry and works as a clerk at a small convenience store called Zop's. He usually tries using his poems
to give advice to others but whether they should listen or not is debatable. Usually laid back and in a good mood, Joey serves as the
voice of reason most of the time but his frequent use of cannabis causes him to be relatively unbothered by anything that happens.

I couldn't come up with anything clever for April Fools Day so instead I threw together a parody of my last drawing.
Instead of King Kong, this time I drew the cheesy South Korean rip-off A*P*E from 1976 starring the mom from Growing Pains.
The movie is notorious for it's low production value and a famous scene where the giant gorilla flips the bird after destroying a helicopter.
Yes, this movie actually exists.
King Kong and Dwan
I recently saw the new Kong: Skull Island and really loved it and decided to draw a scene from one of the older movies.
Not many people like the 1976 remake of King Kong by Dino De Laurentiis which is understandable.
The film is incredibly flawed but the Kong effects by Rick Baker and the rampage through New York make it worth watching.
I kind of screwed up continuity by drawing Jessica Lange in her sacrifice outfit during the fight on the World Trade Center.
I originally wanted a jungle background with the giant snake but I decided to draw my favorite scene for the background instead.
This is also my first time I recall ever drawing a helicopter.
Calvin Doodles
It's been a while since I've uploaded any drawings of my characters so I thought it was time.
This is Calvin, a young short tempered drug dealer from a comic strip of mine called Lavender Lane.
He was originally a caricature of the kinds of kids I grew up around and he sort of became my mascot (for lack of better words.)
Batman: The Caped Crusader
I've been reading a lot of old batman comics lately during my free time and this was the result.
He has a face similar to Adam West's and a costume closer to the one from the golden age comics with the slanted ears.


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United States
Hello. I am just an amateur comic book artist looking to show my work and always trying to improve.


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